• Overview

    • Automatically Buy

      Automatically buy auctions that reach your price range and get the best deals before anyone else.
    • Automatically Bid

      Automatically bid on expiring auctions and get the best deals before they expire.
    • Automatically Sell

      Automatically sell and relist all your auctions. Keep your auctions listed until they sell!
    • Automatically Undercut

      Automatically undercut your competition and improve sales by 500%. Always have your auctions at the top of the list!
    • Manipulate Prices

      Force market prices of items you want to the prices you want. Buy items for up to 50% less than there retail value!
    • Run without WoW Client

      Run the program in the background without running the World of Warcraft client!
    • Safe to Use

      Safely use the program with little risk of being banned. Since starting in October 2010, there have been 0 bans as a result of using this software.
    • Easy to Use

      Setup is quick, easy and takes only minutes. This bot is noob friendly!
    • Helpful & Friendly Community

      Visit the forums for advice, help and strategies that will help you make the most of the program!
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